Richard Whittaker, founder of RHESQ wanted to let his clients know that they could have a one stop shop to address all aspects of Physical Risk Management; at the same time, Richard felt that RHESQ, pronounced “RESCUE”, somehow reflected his intentions better than the alternative, SHERQ.
Richard worked for 20 years in Construction Project Management on projects ranging from buildings to bridges, townships to titanium, coal to diamonds, gold to uranium and paper to petrochemical.
This was followed by 8 years in Physical Risk Management and Insurance in the petrochemical and heavy engineering arenas, focussing on handling of major claims; and finally 12 years in Health & Safety, covering petrochemical plant operation, transportation and construction. Richard founded RHESQ to enable his clients to have access to his 40-odd years of collective expertise and experience.
Throughout his career, Richard strived to act with integrity in a forthright and professional manner. Consequently, he always made a point of being affiliated to the professional organisation most closely aligned to the path his career was taking.
As such, he registered initially as a Chartered Engineer and a member of the Institution of Civil Engineers in the UK and then as a Professional Engineer with ECSA. As his career changed course to encompass physical risk management, he qualified to register as an Associate of the Insurance Institute of South Africa and as a Fellow of the Insurance and Risk Management Institute of South Africa.
On moving into the Health & Safety field, he became a member of the Institute of Safety Management and achieved Registered Occupational Safety Professional status, subsequently joining the South African Institute of Occupational Safety & Health as an Occupational Health & Safety Professional, and, more recently registering in the UK as a Technician Member of the Institution of Safety and Health.
With the promulgation of the SACPCMP registration requirements, Richard submitted his application for designation as a Professional Construction Health & Safety Agent.
For good measure he is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa as a Basic Ambulance Assistant. As one of his clients you will be able to tap into this broad spectrum of knowledge and experience.
If you have a pressing physical risk management problem simply send a brief description of your needs to
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