RHESQ offers you a variety of Risk Services including:

    OHSAct compliance
  • Assessments
  • Solutions

    Development and implementation of HSE Quality management systems
  • Proprietary Systems
  • Custom-made Systems

    Determination and Provision of HSE Training Needs
  • Critical activities determination
  • Specific training needs
  • Arrangement of in-house training

    Risk Assessment and Risk Solutions
  • Risk Assessment and Analysis
  • Risk evaluation and solutions

    Incident Investigation
  • Root cause analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Insurance claim resolution

    Construction Health Safety and Environmental Services
  • Development of HSE Specifications
  • Development or Review of HSE Plans
  • Statutory, Management System & ad hoc Audits
  • Safe working practices

    Engineering Solutions
  • Structural and Geotechnical assessments
  • Proprietary elevated access solutions in association with
  • Alan White Designs (AWD Glasgow

If you have a pressing
physical risk management problem
simply send a brief description of your needs to
or give Richard a call on
083 633 5553
to experience your RHESQ!